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One of my guilty pleasures? I watch the Mission Impossible movies. All of them. Why? Excitement. The heroes must find a way to save the world – and do – every time.

That’s how a mission should work. It should challenge you to do something important. It should excite you. Throughout my career, I’ve facilitated numerous strategic planning processes and helped organizations create new, galvanizing, mission statements. It’s an honor to be engaged in the work of helping people decide what to do with their lives, their resources and the core purpose of their organizations.

I’ve also been taking a fresh look at the Ramerman Leadership Group mission statement and here’s my most recent phrasing: “We go deep with motivated executives to break through to transformation of their leadership, their lives – and their organizations.” I am energized with this mission and I know our whole team feels the same.

Finding a way to express the mission in our lives and for our organizations can bring the focus and clarity we each need to ensure we tap into the internal drive that powers our career every minute of every day.

A person’s mission statement makes clear and compelling the intersection between a need in the world, our unique talents and where our passion drives us to make a difference.

Ask these questions:

1. What needs call out to me in the world and from those around me?
2. What talents do I have that connect with those needs?
3. Do I feel deeply passionate and enthusiastic about acting on that connection to make a difference?

Now you have what you need to create your mission statement.