Leadership and business journeys prosper from quality mapping and direction.  Our early conversations delineate and calibrate your/the team’s vision and development needs.   A simple, flexible process unfolds:

  • Set expectations (scope, goals, the assignment)
  • Acquire information (situational facts)
  • Analyze gaps (define and dimension the delta)
  • Define project & protocols (custom RLG Leadership Development Protocol)
  • Implementation (real time consultation & coaching)
  • Measure & improve (situations in flux, new needs)
  • Ongoing execution (organizational alignment and follow through)

Breakthroughs happen anywhere along the way.  For example, during Goal-Setting the Client might be encouraged to dream bigger and establish breathtaking new goals, or exciting new professional or corporate directions.  Or, during Implementation, a reluctant team might become fully engaged in surprising ways.

Breakthroughs derive from changes in perception, particularly self-awareness and perspective.  One of our jobs at RLG is to hold up a reality mirror.  This promotes insights for new options and pathways, and fresh mechanisms.

Skillful questions and dialogue fuel understanding:  Where do you want/need to arrive?  What will it look like?  Why aren’t you getting there fast enough?  What are the organization’s leadership goals?  How are you doing on them now?  What does the company/team/leadership need to do better?  Specifically who needs to do specifically what better? How is the leadership’s emotional intelligence?  Do you dare?  Will you risk?  What’s the downside and upside?

Rote answers do not suffice.  Depth is required.  Unknowns will surface.  Gap analyses including special management instruments and 1:1 executive meetings may be called for.  We wrap all we capture into a RLG Leadership Development Protocol (LDP).  The LDP is the scope of work and its roadmap.  Costs and timetables are established.  The journey begins.


    Whatever the scope of work, relationships is the key word:  Ramerman Leadership Group helps build better, more productive work relationships in order to win business breakthroughs.

    Business breakthroughs follow personal breakthroughs.  We help people and teams learn effective ways to become more open, honest and direct.  This allows them to see reality in new ways and to gain valuable perspective from other points of view.

    Better business results are about many things, but big success almost always comes down to people.  In order to win higher levels of performance, we bring you and your organization best-practice research instruments, proven collaborative processes, and skilled dialogue.  We focus on and help ingrain the new skillsets and behaviors most likely to harvest potential.

    We start with leaders.  Leaders go first. They set the tone.  Consequently, our services focus initially on progressive leaders at the top—CEOs, presidents, senior executives, high-potentials and strategically important teams and groups. We build on a wealth of collaborative tools, talents and experience—yours and ours—to invite leaders to discover their fullest capabilities.

    We know that culture is the ecosystem where your organization lives.  We focus on clarifying the cultural strategic lens through which the organization makes its decisions and deploys its resources.  After all, thriving beats living.

    We apply all we know about how adults learn and change, and the spreading of best practices from person to person, team to team, so that whole systems change. We help you stay focused on what is going right and replicate it.

    No doubt you realize that personal and organizational transformations are never simple or easy. We will ask you to do some of the hardest (and most satisfying) work you’ve ever done in your career.  Our clients prove it over and again:  The investment is well worth it.


    Growing organizational and cultural awareness often starts with voices being given a chance to speak truth to leadership. Growing self awareness can start with forthright feedback from people who know us well.  We offer a wide range of techniques for both. 


    “Instruments” are formal processes aimed at nurturing self-awareness.  They include a range of in-depth, individual feedback tools such as 360°, Learning Agility and Most Natural Talent. These provide the gift of frank, helpful perspectives from people who know us very well and care about our development. Instruments could also include self-reported processes such as DISC, Meyers-Briggs or our motivation grid. These provide information on the participant’s personality style, motivations and often provide powerful alignment between talent and assigned responsibilities.

    All feedback is confidential, as much so as all parties care to make it, and you always receive at least one debriefing session with a Ramerman Leadership Group consultant. Together, we will review the results, gain perspective and set clearly-defined goals for your own development.


    Coaching has always been an integral part of who we are. In fact, we are so committed to coaching as a critical part of leadership that we train executives to become coaches in their own right.  Leadership is a learnable practice, and leaders have a responsibility to develop others. Certain principles guide the practice of successful coaching:

    • Personal and organizational changes are the responsibility of the executive being coached
    • True understanding of self and others is foundational for change and transformation
    • Change and transformation follow insight and action
    • Sustained transformation requires reinforcement
    • The coach has guiding questions, the Client has the best answers

    Consulting, too, exhibits guiding and teaching mechanisms. But while coaching guides toward solutions, consulting says “Clients—this way.” Great consulting is about providing objective unencumbered thinking and, often, innovative solutions. (If approaches were obvious, you wouldn’t need a consultant unless you were looking for cover or reassurance.) Our consulting process is an assertive application of Ramerman Leadership Group’s outside expertise and thinking, creativity, and strategic skills, drawing upon rich stores of management and life experience.


    Planning strategy is nothing less than building the future. That means tough-minded preparation to deliver breakthrough results. It also means asking some hard questions…

    • How can you optimize your organization’s potential now?
    • How do you sharpen your strategy in this challenging climate?
    • How can you ensure a well-executed plan when the game keeps changing?

    Prepare for shifts in the business current with clarity and insight. The strategic disciplines at Ramerman Leadership Group are based on the Balanced Scorecard, which provides leadership teams with the skills to move step-by-step and create measurable and executable strategic plans. The Balanced Scorecard is popular for the best reasons: it is focused, it works and it can be applied to a wide range of organizations. Staying ahead of the curve is more critical than ever.

Ramerman Leadership Group brings you rock-solid commitments:
  • We will bring our best thinking, consulting skills, preparation, and encouraging presence to every meeting.
  • We will communicate effectively during the journey.
  • We will display the courage to respectfully challenge you in pursuit of your/your organization’s self-defined leadership development goals.
  • We will help you and your people sustain the difficult work of change required to achieve higher performance.
  • You/your team/your organization will see significant breakthrough results for your investment.