Every year even the best-run NFPs are asked to do more with less.  It’s a mighty struggle to expand donations, recruit great board members, attract and retain key staff, and build vital community relationships.  Time is as tight as money, especially at the top.  So—how do you grow?  How do you improve?  How does your organization marshal and deliver more of its promise to the world?  Ramerman Leadership Group helps not-for-profit CEOs and teams to perceive and think in new ways to maximize potential and performance in leadership, operational excellence, innovation, and culture development.  We help build your team’s leadership skills while you craft exciting high-impact breakthrough strategies.  Processes improve, capacity grows, more gets accomplished, and almost everyone we work with reports having more fun at work and gaining more satisfaction.  Managers are hungry for this kind of training.  Not only does it build real results, it fortifies loyalty and helps you motivate and retain key personnel.


Business is tough.  Competition is growing.  Technological change breeds lean, disruptive competition.  Pain causes pressure and stress.  Companies are either trending upwards in quality and performance, or downward.  There’s no such thing as holding your own or treading water.  You are getting better, or worse.  Which is it?  Does your company have what you need for breakthrough results?  Do you employ a winning strategy and structure?  Extraordinary leaders and teams?  Operational excellence?  Sufficient innovation? Are you maximizing existing potential?  Are your key people growing professionally?  Are meetings crisp and effective?  (Or like many companies do you rehash the same old agenda ad nauseum?) Do your people listen well and hear what’s not being said?  Are you grinding on a very boring nail?  Ramerman Leadership Group’s consultant/coaches team with CEOs and C-Suite leaders to drive significant change and results through individual manager and team growth, and through reinvigorated business strategy, innovation, and higher levels of operational excellence.  Paul Hudson is particularly adept at guiding the innovation and introduction/restaging of brands, products and services, given 30 years of marketing consulting at high organizational levels with national and global clients like Citibank, MasterCard and Xerox.  (One of Paul’s ideas gained Citibank more than $2 billion in new bookings and 27% market share growth in 18 months.)  Check us out.  Call us in.  See how we help even larger enterprises think more effectively, manage more efficiently, leverage their best, and sustain positive change.  Oh, yeah.  And have more fun and gain more job and career satisfaction and rewards.


Some can lead, many can follow, a few are well-qualified coach.  Leaders within teams and organizations have a responsibility to develop others and help them advance their professional capabilities.   Coaching is a learned practice combining art and skill. Jim Ramerman is widely acknowledged as “the coach’s coach.”  He has helped dozens of executives become certified coaches through the renowned International Coaching Federation (ICF) program.  For the progressive leader or emerging and experienced professional coach, this course focuses on understanding leadership roles and effective coaching approaches that help drive performance. Students will join highly motivated peers and leadership coaching practitioners to learn and develop practices aligned with ICF requirements, as well as acquire the tools to sharpen self-knowledge, confidence and expertise.  Students will work on developing their own clarity, credibility and encouraging presence—the three applicable performance drivers, whether one is a coach or leader. This nine-month experience covers five 3-day in-class sessions plus 1:1 with Jim or Paul Hudson.  It includes:  Full group learning, individual coaching, coaching practice groups, peer-coaching support groups, and practice coaching (pro bono with two-three clients of student’s choice).