People breakthroughs are worth gold. They can erupt suddenly, or they might emerge slowly over time. They happen anywhere, anytime during the leadership development process. Often the result of provocative questions, breakthroughs serve to re-set or re-frame the Client’s perceptions of his/her reality and what is possible.
TESTIMONIALS – Ramerman Leadership Group clients say it best:

“Jim made everything easier. It’s clear to me that he has taken many organizations through this before, and I’m grateful for his experience. His calmness and ease help make even difficult conversations more possible. We really appreciate his work.”

— David Beinetti, President, SWBR Architects

“Jim is an extraordinary coach who connects with his coachees in a deep and meaningful way. He has helped me and many leaders in my organization to work on our personal development in a way that has created very strong, transformational leaders resulting in an amazing culture. Jim’s business acumen paired with his coaching skills help leaders get positive business results as they focus on the changes they need to make as leaders.”

— Gidget Hopf, Ed.D, President/CEO at Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Goodwill of Greater Rochester

“With Jim Ramerman’s help, we’ve worked through some critical challenges to experience significant growth. We’re stronger as a team—especially through learning to give and receive feedback and conduct high-gain conversations.”

— James Brush, President and CEO, Sentry Group

“Jim is a wonderful resource to have locally. I have worked with him on various projects within different organizations ranging from developing corporate vision, mission and values to one on one leadership coaching. I would highly recommend him as an effective and efficient professional that can assist with leadership, mentoring, and strategic planning, just to name a few aspects. I have and will continue to use his services and recommend him to others.”

— Amy Kahn, Director, Human Resources at The College at Brockport, State University of New York

“Jim has taken my company and me through four reinventions over the years, and we’ve changed and grown in important ways. He helped my Dad and me work out the succession plan when I became head of the firm. We’ve rebuilt our strategic plan and are a significant regional player in our market. Now I’m planning my own retirement. Jim is helping us get the clarity and processes in place to handle that gracefully. We’re stronger, more trusting and collaborative, with the right people in the right seats. On a personal note, Jim has helped me reinvent myself as a more effective leader. Even better, I’ve been able to find more joy in my work and life. Thanks, Jim!”

— Ed Parrone, President and CEO, Parrone Engineering

“In our business, it’s easy to fall in a rut. You think that because you’ve been in business so long, you know what needs to be done. Jim helped us find the strength we didn’t know we had, to get bigger projects, add customers, and increase morale.”

— Sergio Esteban, CEO, LaBella Associates, P.C.

“Jim has been a guest lecturer for several years and we keep inviting him back. He’s an important part of our “drill down” sessions, where high-potential employees learn vital skills. One employee reported a far more lucrative contract after learning new negotiation skills. Insights from Jim’s communications styles training have regularly helped our people grow more effective. They see themselves more clearly and connect better with others. Jim is a master at teaching people so they can easily take in these critical life and work lessons.”

– Wilbur Smith Associates

“Jim’s coaching has ‘lifted the fog’ for my approach to competing at the highest level. I’ve grown to understand that technical skills can only get my organization so far. Leadership development is a force multiplier for me personally and for my people. Through my work with Jim, I’ve gained self-knowledge and stronger connection skills. These showed me how to team with people who are quite different from me. Our differences complement one another, creating a formidable competitive force. We find solutions that are out of the ordinary and give us an edge we could not otherwise enjoy.”

– Babur Mian, President & CEO of TerraSite Company