Once the world’s longest, the Brooklyn Bridge was built six times stronger than necessary. Thus it stands, fully useful, 130 years later. That’s vision.
Wilbur Wright was the driving force behind manned flight. But he shared full credit with brother Orville and mechanic Charlie Taylor, keeping the team together through 1000s of experiments preceding success.
man on moon
JFK understood the power of symbolism, purpose, and audacious goals to galvanize the nation, win the space race, and outshine communism.
Steve Jobs was a legend. But most obnoxious leaders get sabotaged, or tossed by the board. Research says that emotional intelligence—not brains or skill—is 70% responsible for most outperformance. (Jobs did exhibit vast emotional intelligence for customers.)

Ramerman Leadership Group…

is a dynamic, multi-disciplined team of experienced, certified professional consultants and coaches who provide game-changing leadership development and executive coaching for CEOs, executives, teams, and organizations.

Our work generally unfolds over six months to a year or more. Ramerman Leadership Group assists clients near and far in many business and organizational categories including advertising, healthcare, education, engineering, non-profits, architecture, manufacturing, high-tech and professional services. Our mission is to consistently deliver sustainable leadership breakthroughs and a real return on each client’s consulting investment.

  • Think & communicate more effectively
  • Leverage their best
  • Make better decisions
  • Develop stronger leaders
  • Align for change
  • Sustain the change
  • Obtain significant results
We are in the breakthrough business.  Breakthroughs come from people and arise from imagination applied to accurate knowledge. Part of our work is about creating and sustaining a necessary, inviting freedom to ignite and focus the leaders’ imagination.

First, we help individuals and teams “go deep” to grow the breadth and accuracy of their self-knowledge while they adopt new leadership behaviors and capabilities.  This, then, produces an atmosphere favorable to creativity, good communication, and sharper decision-making.

It’s hard work.  And why we say:  To reach high,  first you have to go deep.